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Our Guarantee

iAremyhair strives to make every client look and feel his or her best using the latest hair restoration and regrowth technologies available. We are committed to satisfaction and we proudly stand behind all our hair loss products and services. Each case of hair loss is unique, and some options may work better for some clients than for others.

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Before Treatment

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After Treatment

Our Credit Guarantee

If for any reason you feel that our hair treatment has not resulted in a cosmetic improvement to your current hair loss situation, iAremyhair will credit your initial purchase towards any other service or product that we offer!!!

Be Patient ! Results Take Time !

Remember that you probably didn’t lose your hair overnight. Human hair follows a cycle of growth, transition and rest, followed by new hair growth, so it will take time for hair treatment products to begin working for you. Most individuals with male- or female-pattern hair loss will respond to our treatment programmes after about 3 months of regular daily use. Some of these improvements include increased hair thickness, a cleaner scalp and hair follicles, reduced or ceased hair loss and new hair growth in thinning or balding areas.