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Whether it is using Clinic Hair Loss Lasers or Laser Hair Combs, or whether its our unique and effective products from DHT Inhibitors to Enhanced Minoxidil, we provide real results. And don’t just take our word for it either, please watch some of our clients tell you themselves.

Nicole.W, Client

After using false lashes ever since I can remember, I never thought the day would come that I could go without them. Once I started using the CompleteLash, sceptical it was just a gimmick, I was amazed with the results I could see in just 3 weeks and now 4 months on people are asking me where I’ve had my lashes done to which I am happy to say ‘they are my own’!!

Randy, Clifton Park, NY

After 3 months into it, my hair feels thicker and two people, not knowing about the treatment, asked me what I was doing differently. I’m excited about continuing my program and seeing where it leads me in a year. Update: Most of my hair has grown back. Thank You so much!

Louise. M, Client

I have always had really short lashes having used false lashes for years. My friends thought I was still wearing them only to tell them that these were my own. 7 of my friends are now using CompleteLash and we are competing with each other to see who will have the longest lashes!

Jill. S, Client

This has to be the best product on the market. No one can expect the results you will get.

Morag. J, Client

I was very sceptical with this product, as I have used a few in my Salon before. Wow, couldn’t believe the result I got. We sell hundreds of these a month.

Fay. M, Client

Used this on my eyebrows and after 3 months, I no longer need to colour them in. Fab product.