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Laser Hair Therapy

What is laser therapy for hair?

Laser hair therapy is a hair restoration method that stimulates hair growth in balding and thinning areas. It can be used in combination with surgical and pharmaceutical solutions to offset hair loss. Laser hair therapy employs a low-level laser technology that is considered safe-free of significant risks or side effects. Laser light penetrates into the scalp tissue to stimulate microcirculation, improving cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. Hair follicles are kept in the growth phase longer, growing thicker hairs and slowing further thinning.

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Who is a suitable candidate for laser hair therapy?

You are a good candidate for laser hair therapy if any or all of the following describe you:

  • You have been bald for less than 5 years

  • Your bald area is less than 10 cm (4 inches) across

  • Your main problem is general hair thinning

  • Your hair loss is mainly at the top of the head

  • Your bald or thinning area has a lots of tiny, fine hairs

Laser hair therapy is not likely to help if:

You are unlikely a good candidate for laser hair therapy if any or all of the following describe you:

  • You are substantially bald

  • The bald scalp has very few tiny, fine hairs


Our Customised Laser Hair Therapy Programmes

At iAremyhair, our customised laser hair therapy programmes incorporate new and emerging hair loss prevention technologies from around the world to:

Improve scalp circulation (microcirculation), nourish the papilla and carry toxins away from the hair follicle

Reduce free radical damage to the hair follicle

(Free radical damage refers to the effects of environmental factors such as sunlight, air pollution, chlorine in swimming pools, etc. on the hair follicle.)

iAremyhair offers several hair treatment options that can be combined with laser hair therapy. Don’t wait; call us at 63721221 for details now, and let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs!